A New Era in Bridal Fashion | Vera Wang Bride 

As a world-leading designer in bridal fashion, Vera Wang gowns have rarely been been an option for many brides. Until now. 

Coming this autumn, Vera Wang and her new brand ‘Vera Wang Bride’ will be joining The Bridal Dress Company, a stylish boutique in Newbury, Berkshire. 

Vera Wang is a rule breaker and has always pushed the boundaries of bridal fashion. Starting her career as an editor for Vogue, she launched her bridal brand with a fresh perspective that challenged the traditional wedding dress designs. She is daring and believes fashion is all about having the freedom to express yourself and your creativity. Best known for designing wedding dresses for many high profile brides, including Arianna Grande, Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham, her bespoke couture gowns can cost over £36,000. 

I love individuality, I love diversity and I love women who are fearless.”

In partnership with the global bridal company Pronovias Group, Vera Wang is able to bring a far more attainable label to brides-to-be across the world with gowns priced between £1,500 – £3,000. Her debut collection for Vera Wang Bride features 60 gowns that maintain her quality design and use the same fabrics and silhouettes that Vera is famed for. These dresses are designed with the modern bride in mind, a nod to tradition without compromising on style.     

The most attractive thing to me is to be who we really are and, if there isnt a more important day to be that than on your wedding day, I dont know what is”

We joined Vera Wang for her first ever meet and greet to chat about her new collection:

Why are you passionate about bridal? 

It is such a privilege to dress women on the most significant day of their lives, she feels honoured to be able to interact with women and see them shine in their wedding dresses. Bridal has an element of theatricality that allows for expression and freedom within design.  

Who is the woman that you are designing for? 

She’s a girl who probably loves fashion, with a capital ‘F’, she is fearless and is looking for experimental designs. Within bridal each woman is individual, each bride is their own person and Vera loves to encourage that individuality.

What makes your collection so successful? 

Vera Wang didn’t start her career as a bridal designer, she worked as a fashion editor for Vogue and then moved into designing sportswear for Ralph Lauren. Not coming from the bridal world gave her an element of freedom, a no rules approach to bridal fashion. And it was exactly that, a marriage of both bridal and fashion. 

What is the creative process like when youre designing a new collection?

Vera Wang considers herself as more of a costumer than a designer when it comes to bridal, her thoughts are always with her brides and how they want to look and how they want to feel, as well the diversity and individuality that women want to express today. Women look their most confident when they are comfortable in what they are wearing. 

What are the trends for 2022? 

There’s not one single trend, women are so diverse and by offering them so many choices it allows for many possible concepts and trends. Brides have got more choice now than ever before to be able to express who they want to be on their wedding day.  

Do you have a favourite dress from the Vera Wang Bride debut collection? 

Every single one of them, their hasn’t been a dress that she’s worked with that isn’t truly beautiful. Every dress has its own character and its own nature, it’s almost as if brides can try on different identities when exploring the collection.   

What is your best advice for brides to be? 

One thing that has often thrown Vera off as a designer is the bouquet. Very seldom do brides rehearse the fittings with the bouquet, it can make or break a look. You don’t want the flowers to be the centre piece of your bridal look. Take your time to think about what you’re holding, picture the look as a whole.


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